Kylee Nash

   Kylee is a dancer in Phoenix, Arizona. Her birthday is January 20th. She measures 40-25-36 and wears a size 32F. Her breast measurements are due to change and soon as Kylee just loves huge tits. At 5'6" and 128 lbs., she's just the right size for lapping you in a nice, air-conditioned topless club like Centerfold's, her current place of table-dancitude. 'I have always loved boobs as long as I can remember, and at some point I realized that I liked big boobs best,' sexy and pretty Kylee says. 'Although I know plenty of women who look wonderful with smaller boobs, for me personally bigger is definitely better. Vanessa Montagne, Morgan Leigh, and XXXena are a few of the gorgeous models who have inspired my love of big tits.' Now living in Vegas, Kylee has gotten into making horror and action films working for directors like Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski so check your local Skinamax listings for her latest flicks. Kylee loves the Barbie doll look and she wears it well. 
   She had  sex at 20. Yeah, kind of late. But she is still making up for lost time. She can cum the best when she is on top (cowgirl) but she really enjoy changing it up so it's hard to say that she have just one favorite position. Her top five would look like this: cowgirl on the couch, cowgirl on the bed, doggy, missionary, 69. In that order.
   She had two boob jobs. First one in 2006. She got 800cc's of saline, but unfortunately she experienced the complication called "bottoming out" to a severe degree which required a corrective lift. She had my second boob job in 2007. She had a lift at this time and she asked her doctor to fill her implants up as much as he could. He gave her 1100cc's.

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Hey guys! (and maybe some girls? hmm…)
I hope you enjoy my new website. I've been working on it for a long time because I wanted to give you something really good and worth the wait. I'm doing everything myself (with the exception of the design) so if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see just send me a message - I want to know what you want to see!
I was born in South Dakota in the middle of a blizzard but I don't remember it there at all. My family moved around a few times when I was younger and I guess I got itchy feet because I don't seem to be able to stay in one place very long. I've moved around a lot and right now I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I've been since 2008. It's a great place for someone like me who doesn't conform to societal norms very well so maybe I'll stay here for a few years. 
I've always believed in self-improvement and being the best possible version of myself, which is reflected in my appearance. I was a very awkward, geeky-looking kid growing up, and once I became an adult I made a systematic effort to improve my appearance, starting with hardcore workout regimens and ending with an ongoing series of surgical enhancements. I've absolutely LOVED huge tits for as long as I can remember, so that was the first thing on my list. I love the super-fake "Barbie" look so everything I do is with the intention of achieving that look. 
Achieving and maintaining the look I like is more than a way of enhancing my career. To me it IS my career, as well as my lifestyle in equal parts. I had toyed with the idea of stripping and/or adult modeling for a few years while working as a personal trainer in Massachusetts (a job that allowed me to put in a lot of time at the gym!) and when I dipped my toes in by taking a second job at a peep show in New Hampshire it only took me a week to decide that I wanted to dive in full-force. It all came together for me once I started working at the peep show - I love sex, I've always been an exhibitionist, and the sex industry is a lot more accepting of my ideal look than any "mainstream" profession. Soon I was working at the peep show full-time, and after six months I got my first boob job. After that I moved on to dancing at clubs for the next three years. 
Ironically, after moving to the stripper mecca of Las Vegas I switched to doing webcam out of necessity. I tend to be a bit of a workaholic, and between pulling up to 15 hour shifts at the club and being exposed to germs from around the world I was getting sick every couple of weeks. So I tried out webcam and never looked back. I absolutely love it - I feel like I'm back to my peep show roots but with more freedom and flexibility. Now I am very excited to be able to offer shows to my members here in addition to the shows I do most days on other sites. 
I have also done a little bit of modeling - I have been in Score, Gent, and Busty Beauties magazines. It's always cool to see myself in print, but I prefer the creative control that I have with my own website. I have also done some low-budget, independent, and softcore films. Indie filmmaking is a real passion for me and I am always looking for new projects. The best way to keep up with what I'm doing on that front is to add me on MySpace, where I always post the latest trailers and information about what I'm working on.

Babe Name: Kylee Nash 
Profession:  Adult Model
Official Site: The Official Kylee Nash Website  
Ethnicity:   Caucasian 
Country of Origin: United States 
Province / State: Las Vegas, Nevada
Place of Birth: South Dakota
Date of Birth: January 20, 1984 (28 years old) 
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Blonde 
Height: 167 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches 
Weight: 58 kg - 128 lbs 
Measurements: 40HH-25-36
Fake Boobs: Yes 
Career Status: Active
Career Start And End:   2008 - Present
Shoe Size: 7.5 (U.S. & Canada Women Size) 
Tattoos: None 
Piercings: Navel 

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